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God's Plan For WorkWork is part of God’s plan!

Ride to Work Ministry Nonprofit Inc. is focused on helping people achieve the dignity of work on their path to self-sufficiency as part of God’s plan. People fulfill their calling of glorifying God by working and supporting themselves and their families with the fruit of that labor. As a rider participating in this program we want you to move closer to what God created you to be!

Ride To Work is a transitional service.

Riders who participate in our program are expected to be focused on achieving self–sufficiency and be committed to making positive changes in their lives. Although not a requirement, ideally riders will have a local church support group to partner with them to help ensure success. Ride To Work is a transitional service. We expect riders to save money and achieve their own transportation with 3-4 months so that they no longer need our service.

All riders are required to sign an agreement to abide by the following set of rules:

I understand that Ride to Work Ministry is a non-profit that exists to provide temporary affordable transportation to residents of Oconee County to assist them in obtaining and maintaining a job. I confirm that I have NO OTHER transportation (i.e. bus, friends, rideshare, etc.) at this time. I agree that I will save up funds or find my own transportation as soon as possible, and to provide a plan so that I no longer need Ride To Work and free up spots for others in need. I agree that if I do not make adequate progress toward my own transportation, Ride To Work will stop providing rides, or increase the price for rides to better cover actual costs.

I understand that the Ride To Work schedule will attempt to accommodate the greatest number of riders and that I may not be accepted into the program due to limitations in transportation equipment, cost effective route structure or other factors solely at the discretion of the Ride to Work Ministry. I agree that I will waive any and all liability to Ride to Work Ministry and have signed a waiver verifying this.

I verify that all the information on my application is truthful and understand that it will be verified by Ride to Work.  I agree to pay at the rate of $5/per day for transportation, no later than the Friday prior to the week I plan to ride. I will pay this to the Ride to Work Ministry Nonprofit Inc. bank account at Community First Bank in Seneca, Walhalla or Westminster. If I do not make the payments on time I will NOT receive rides.

I understand that rides are ONLY to or from work and that I may have to walk some distances to pick up points and/or walk to work or home from drop off points. I understand that the driver will not be allowed to make any unscheduled or ‘special’ stops or change the route without prior permission from the Ride To Work program coordinator.

I agree that if I do not show up at the appointed “pick up” time or provide less than 24 hour notice I will forfeit my ride that day without reimbursement. Ride To Work accepts no liability for riders who are not present at pick up times. Credits will only be given to riders in the event the Ride to Work transportation is not available.  I agree that if I have multiple no shows or short notice cancellations (less than 24 hours), I will be dropped the program.

I understand that there may be other riders in the vehicle and that their transportation needs must be met as well as mine. I agree to use appropriate safety equipment (seat belts) and to act in a safe, courteous, respectful and responsible manner. I agree to use my cell phone during the ride ONLY FOR AN EMERGENCY situation. I agree to work with the driver and other riders to develop a seating arrangement for easy loading and unloading. Riders are encouraged to sit in the back seat, not up front with the driver. I agree that while in the vehicle there will be no smoking, foul or abusive language. I also agree to maintain a clean personal condition and to take all trash and personal belongings with me when I leave the vehicle. I understand and agree that I cannot use, be using or be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol and that doing so is cause for immediate termination of my participation.

I agree to notify Ride to Work much notice as possible before withdrawing from the Program. I agree that my ridership may be terminated for failure to comply with rules and policies.

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