Significance Through Serving OthersYou have a role in God’s plan!

Ride to Work Ministry Nonprofit Inc. is focused on helping people achieve the dignity of work on their path to self-sufficiency as part of God’s plan. People fulfill their calling of glorifying God by working and supporting themselves and their families with the fruit of that work. As a driver participating in this program, you are helping people move closer to what God created them to be! Ride To Work is a transitional service. We expect riders to save money and find their own way to work as soon as possible so that they no longer need our service.

All drivers must agree to the following:
  • Drivers have to be reliable, on time and courteousPeople’s jobs and livelihoods are at stake. Drivers who do not meet these criteria will be removed from the approved driver list. If something comes up that prevents a driver from driving they must give the Ride To Work Driver coordinator at least 24 hours notice by phone or text and back up with an e-mail. Drivers are expected to carry their own insurance. While riders will sign a liability waiver, Ride To Work Ministry is using incorporated businesses (UBER, Lyft, Taxi services, etc.) to obtain the benefit of their vetting and insuring drivers. Drivers are expected to be courteous, polite and should not fraternize with riders, engage in unwanted conversation or make any ‘sales pitches’. Riders are expected to sit in the back seat, not up front with drivers. If a driver is uncomfortable or feels unsafe with a rider or the pick up/drop off location, please let Ride To Work know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action.
  • Ride To Work Ministry determines the transportation schedule.  While we understand that drivers will likely to get to know the riders and even share contact information if they choose to, riders cannot change or modify the transportation schedule. ONLY RIDE TO WORK MINISTRY NONPROFIT INC. CAN SET THE SCHEDULE. Drivers that perform unauthorized rides risk not being paid!
  • Rides are only to and from WORKNO OTHER RIDES ARE PROVIDED and no unscheduled or ‘special’ stops or route changes are allowed unless pre-approved by Ride To Work (such as stopping at bank to make a payment to Ride To Work). Riders will be picked up and dropped off at locations determined by Ride To Work Ministries Nonprofit Inc. Riders will have to get themselves to and from their home to the pick up/drop off location. Drivers will pick them up and take them to their work locations, then pick them up from work locations and take them back to the drop off location. Unapproved Rides will NOT be paid for!  If the rider has a medical emergency at work, the rider should call 911.
  • Ride To Work Ministry selects riders.  Riders must complete an application and vetting process to verify their employment transportation need and to make sure Ride To Work Ministry has the transportation schedule/resources to meet their need. Drivers will be advised the names of riders each week. We expect ridership to remain reasonably constant on a week-to-week basis. Riders will agree to a set of rules: i.e. they  are not allowed to smoke, will be asked to coordinate seating, use appropriate safety equipment, and to act in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner to fellow riders and drivers. Ridership will be terminated for failure to comply.
  • Riders will pay Ride To Work Ministry Nonprofit IncRide To Work Ministry Nonprofit Inc. will collect funds from riders and will pay drivers. NO MONEY OR OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT WILL BE COLLECTED BY DRIVERS. Drivers will be paid for trips actually completed, and for that day’s rides if the trip has been scheduled and the rider does not show up. The driver is responsible for contacting the Ride To Work driver coordinator immediately by phone, text or e-mail if a rider does not show up.  The Ride To Work driver coordinator will advise if future rides will be performed. (Unless confirmed by the Ride To Work Driver coordinator, once a rider fails to show up, future rides for that rider may not be authorized or paid for!).

Interested in becoming one of our drivers? Please fill out and send our contact form here.